1. Every candidate has to seek admission invariably before the last date declared by the University. The college may close admissions to B.A. Part I even before that date if it has admitted 360 students.

  2. The Principal may refuse admission to a candidate even without explaining the reason for such action.

  3. Those seeking admissions must submit their application forms alongwith all requisite papers and prescribed fee for the course.

  4. Candidates belonging to scheduled castes/scheduled tribes/backward castes/other backward castes have to submit their caste and income certificates at the time of admission so that there is no problem in forwarding their applications for scholarship.

  5. Admission will be taken only after the candidate has submitted his/her transfer and character certificates from the institution last atended.


  1. Students have to reach the college in time to attend their classes regularly. If they fail to attend 75% of the classes held, they may not be permitted to appear in the University Examinations. In that case, they shall be themselves responsible for the consequences.

  2. The college reserves theright to cancel the admission of a student if he/she is found guilty of indiscipline or ragging. Any one found guilty of raggingwill have to suffer the consequences in accordance with the provisions made by theUniversity and/or the Government.

  3. Beware of using and spitting Betel leaves,tobacco or non-tobacco masala compounds, other tobacco products, smoking or drinking in the college campus.

  4. We seek your valuable co-operation in making your college an ideal institution.

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